With no vines, no cellar and not a lot of money, how do you create a winery ?  It’s from this question was born a unique savoir-faire explains François Dauvergne :  As we had no vines but we wanted to create our own wines, we had to establish strong relationships with winegrowers in the Rhône Valley.  In exchange for our advice and good compensation, we select the best plots of vines which the growers then work for us following our guidelines.  Everything is examined:  pruning, putting in grass between the rows, debudding… in a precise yet practical fashion".

The most important step before the harvest consists of tasting the grapes, which Jean-François does personally, plot by plot.  This is without a doubt one of the most important points:  tasting the grapes allows you to precisely determine this which no instrument can do:  the true maturity of the grapes.  Because you cannot create great wines without excellent grapes.  As a scientific analysis cannot measure what makes a good grape: its taste.  It’s only by tasting the grapes one can know at what moment to harvest what plot of vines.

Once the harvest is finished, the grapes are put into tanks that each estate reserves for us onsite.  This has multiple advantages:  the grapes are not altered by additional, unnecessary transport, the winegrower respects in the same way all of his harvest and he masters his own equipment. At the same time, the use of the winegrower’s own, existing equipment allows us to limit costs and thus offer a great wine at a reasonable price.

Vinification takes place under our control.  We visit all of the cellars up to five times a week.

We don’t have a unique method for vinification, as each cuvee has its own potential and its own style.  We adapt each vinification by what we find in tastings and by always respecting the fruit. The minimum number of interventions, the most delicate extraction and achieving a maximum freshness are nevertheless constant goals.”

At the end of fermentation, the wines are stocked in tanks or barrels in each winegrower’s estate. When barrels are used, we select and buy the barrels ourselves and give them to the winegrowers.  A rather expensive gesture, but which reinforces confidence with the growers.  Regular tastings of the wines during the maturation process allows us to control quality and avoid any potential problems.  Finally, bottling is assured by an outside, certified specialist.


 (Jean-François Ranvier tasting grapes before harvest [above]  and François Dauvergne during the 2010 vinification)


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Our wines :

Luberon white Vin Gourmand 2013


Luberon blanc La Pitchounette 2013

Luberon rouge Vin Gourmand 2013

Costières de Nîmes rosé Vin Gourmand 2012

Costières de Nîmes red Vin Gourmand 2012

Costières de Nîmes Le Pitchoun 2013

Côtes du Rhône blanc Vin Gourmand 2013

Côtes du Rhône blanc Pierre Solaire 2013

Côtes du Rhône Vin gourmand rouge 2013

Côtes du Rhône De Natura Rerum 2012

Côtes du Rhône rouge Grand Vin 2013


Côtes du Rhône rouge Terre de Fruits 2012

Côtes du Rhône rouge Vade Retro 2013

Cotes du Rhone Villages Grand Vin 2012


Côtes du Rhône rouge Face Sud 2013

Côtes du Rhône Villages Cairanne rouge Grand Vin 2012

Tavel Vin Gourmand rosé 2013

Tavel Domaine des Muretins 2013

Lirac Domaine des Muretins 2013

Lirac La Parcelle Domaine des Muretins 2013

Vinsobres Grand Vin 2010

Vinsobres Terres Extrêmes 2010

Vacqueyras Vin Rare 2012

Gigondas Vin Rare 2011


Gigondas Face Nord 2011

Gigondas rouge Grand Vin 2012

Gigondas rouge Vin Rare 2012

Châteauneuf-du-Pape red Grand Vin 2011


Châteauneuf du Pape Du Soleil à la Terre 2012

Crozes-Hermitage rouge Grand Vin 2012

Crozes Hermitage Granite et Galets 2012

Saint-Joseph Grand Vin 2012


Saint Joseph Les Racines du Ciel 2012

Côte Rôtie Face Sud 2012


Côte Rôtie Grand Vin 2011


Hermitage Vin Rare 2005 (red)


Condrieu Vin Rare 2013


Collioure rouge Dauvergne Ranvier Parcé 2013

IGP Pays d'Oc Dauvergne Ranvier Parcé Viognier 2013

Maury Hors d'Âge Dauvergne Ranvier Parcé

Côtes du Rhône rouge Pierre Solaire 2013

Lirac Du Soleil à la Terre 2012

Vacqueyras La Promesse de l'Aube 2013

Crozes Hermitage Terre de Fruits 2013

Côte Rôtie Les Racines du Ciel 2011

Saint Joseph Face Nord 2013

Côtes du Rhône blanc Face Sud 2013

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