<span style='font-weight:bold;'>Wine</span> <span style='color:#1ea2ce'>re</span><span style='color:#eb194a'>visited</span>
Wine revisited

Wine revisited

Each of our wines reinterprets the appellation from which it comes, but all have an air of family: they are the synthesis between their appellation, which binds them to a territory, and our sensitivity, which always pushes us to prefer finesse to power.

This family resemblance can be found in the different vintages we produce, whether it is in the classic range, ranked between « vins gourmands », « grands vins » and « vins rares”, or in the "Sélections Parcellaires" range.

“Vins Gourmands”, with round tannins, express at best the primary aromas of fruit. They are to be appreciated in their early years. More concentrated, “Grands Vins” can be kept for many years. Finally, “Vin Rare” wines are only produced in great vintages and then in very small quantities. They are wines of very long aging capacity.

The wines of the "Sélections Parcellaires" are reserved for great restaurants and wine merchants. These wines have a very marked personality which is induced either by a particular origin, or by an exceptional level of concentration, or by a very fine management of sulphur inputs.

The volumes available vary from year to year and, as only tasting guides us, we sometimes do not produce wine signed Dauvergne Ranvier if the quality does not meet our requirements.

In 2013, we became full-fledged winegrowers by taking over the management of an old family estate, Domaine des Muretins.

The estate, of about ten hectares, includes several plots located in the communes of Tavel and Lirac. It brings together a mosaic of extremely varied and qualitative terroirs. Between 2013 and 2015, we restructured the whole vineyard (plantings, complantations, trellising...). Today we produce one cuvée in Tavel and two cuvées in Lirac.